For a transformational experience immersed in the jungle, connecting to the medicine of sisterhood, Nature and ritual.


Feel it in your body...

 7 days/6 nights immersed in the pristine jungle of Costa Rica, with fellow powerful women, fully letting go, opening to beauty, magic and transformation.

Come connect deeper to your soul's essence through daily Spiritual practices, experience the healing energy of the jungle, allow yourself to be fully guided and supported.

Slow down, put your bare feet on the Earth, feel the pulse of life force energy, bathe yourself in the crystalline waters, nourish your vessel with delicious healthy meals, move your body, express your wild nature, cry, laugh, sing, share what's on your heart, be seen, give beautiful offerings to Mother Nature, learn from the plant masters, live a week in ceremony with the Divine and all the Natural Creation of Earth.

This is an intentionally crafted experience to support the Highest Evolution of your Soul.




A powerful conscious community vortex in the South of Costa Rica (about an hour from Uvita). This sacred land used to be a "meeting point" for indigenous communities from America - to commune, exchange and be in ceremony. This land is abundant in animals, plants, trees, rivers and waterfalls - truly a magical place.


A regenerative sanctuary nestled in the heart of the Diamante Valley, Costa Rica, on-top of Nauyaca Waterfalls. Surrounded by jungle, fruit forests and pristine water. 


Cozy, rustic bungalows. Options: shared dorm (2 people max) with shared bathroom or private room with shared bathroom.

What's included:

A full week of magic.

  • Accomodation

  • 3 high vibe meals per day

  • Daily activities, practices & workshops

  • Group integration call

  • Lots of surprises ;)


Yoga, guided meditation, breath work, tea & cacao ceremony, chakra alignment, feminine embodiment practices, earth offerings, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Temazcal, medicine song circles, manifestation rituals, spiritual teachings, sisterhood sharing circles, fire ceremony & plenty of spaciousness for contemplation, self-time & integration.

What's not included:

  • Mushroom Ceremony

    Optional. Working with nature's teachers - a sacred ceremony held by Emmy Kratz (Medicine Woman, Ayahuasquera, Kamboo Practicioner) Invoking Divine support for healing, awakening and transformation on all levels. Aprox a 6 hour portal (An extra investment of $150)

  • Flight tickets

    Flight Tickets - depending where you're coming from roundtrip tickets vary (check on Skyscanner) you would be flying into San Jose, Costa Rica airport (SJO)

  • Transportation

    Transportation from airport to Retreat space (4-5 hr ride) - $80-$100 per person

  • Travel Expenses


This sacred ceremony is is an opportunity to be held by one of our sacred plant teachers, guided through dimensions of expansion and opening our eyes to see beyond our preconception of reality. Psylocibin comes along side of us to teach us, open our hearts, and bring healing to our lives. This is a medicine that literally re-wires neurons in the brain, and can help us step into a potent shift in our vibration, and therefore the vibration of the collective. A night guided entirely by hours of live sacred medicine music, our facilitator Emmy will serve as a vessel for the medicine to do potent work with each of the participants. The medicine meets us where we are, and works with us from that place. So come as you are, and know that you will be held.


Spiritual + Feminine Leadership Mentor

Areli Luz

An eternal student of life. World traveller, Mystic, Medicine Woman and devotee to the Highest Light. She has been on a journey of self-realization for over 7 years. She's in her highest expression when she's learning how to access our full potential as Divine beings in a human body, to then share it with others. She initiate leaders into their service to the Earth, She invites women to step fully into their power, she activates the fire that lives within to create the most epic & magical life. Her greatest teacher is Mother Earth. She works immensely with the medicine of nature and the Spirit realms. Simply a Divine mirror, here to help you remember.

Medicine Woman + Musician

Emmy Kratz

A space holder through sacred plant teachers and medicine music. Emmy is a Ceremonialist, and has devoted her life to the path of medicine facilitation. She is a Kambo practitioner and Psylocibin Mushroom facilitator. She is currently walking a sacred path as a student of Madrecita Ayahuasca, learning the sacred traditions of the indigenous. Her most recent apprenticeship was with the Yawanawa people of Brazil. She is an Earth Warrior and serves as a vessel through which these sacred medicines can do their work.

Yogini & Embodiment Guide

Astara Louve

Astara weaves sacred spaces of transformation. Her deepest alchemical practices have been Himalayan Krya Yoga opening the energy channels for the master flow of Kundalini to rise and be sustained within the body. As well as Qi flow movement, the breath of life being the lead and initiator of the movement, inducing a flow state.

By the end of this experience you will...

+ Feel completely reborn, upgraded & nourished on all levels

+ Have accessed deeper parts of yourself, your light & your power

+ Have a stronger relationship with your feminine body, fellow women, Mother Earth & the Spirit realms.

+ Have learned teachings, practices and tools that you can incorporate into your daily life to live in a more empowered and balance state.


The most powerful force in nature is women coming together. To give thanks to all of Creation, to celebrate life together, to listen to each other, to love each other, to set each other free. Together we go so much further than alone, this is my why.

Sisterhood is everything to me. As women, we've been doing this for centuries, it's in our DNA. We are born to sit in circles, our power and Light amplifies. Our transformation is enhanced, because we are all Divine Mirrors - we are our own teachers.

See you in the jungle sister.

Con Amor,

Areli Luz